Royal Luggage Set
  • Royal Luggage Set

Royal Luggage Set


Royal Luggage Set

InUSA Royal Hardside Spinner 4-Piece Set 20''/24''/28''/32''. The InUSA Royal Luggage Collection is of contemporary design, made from engineered ABSC material with a Micro Diamond finish for impact resistance. The Royal Suitcase‚ design functionality boasts four (4) spinner multi-directional silent 360-degree wheels for effortless mobility. The full interior fabric lining and tie-down straps protect and secure your belongings inside. Push the locking button of the internal retractable trolley system for 2 different height levels for efficient and comfortable handling of the suitcase. The Top and Side ergonomic GEL handles ensure comfortable, painless, and easy lifting. The four (4) side studs allow the luggage to stand upright on its side.


  • Contemporary, impact resistant, functional design.
  • Engineered material with Micro Diamond finish.
  • Full interior lining.
  • Four Spinner multi-directional silent 360º wheels for effortless mobility.
  • Push button locking internal retractable trolley system.
  • Top and side ergonomic GEL handles for comfortable and easy lifting.
  • Tie-down straps to secure your belongings inside.
  • Four side studs allows the Luggage to stand upright on its side.
  • Suitable for most major Airlines.
  • NOTE: This suitcase comes with a protective film that needs to be removed before using.
  • Please remove the film before use‚ this will reveal the high gloss and bright color finish of the suitcase.
  • Check your packing list or contact your Seller for removal instructions.
  • Size: 20'' Inch/ 24'' Inch/ 28'' Inch/ 32'' Inch; Weight (Pounds): 5.5 lbs/ 6.8 lbs/ 8.6 lbs/ 9.6 lbs; Dimensions (WxDxH): 16 x 10 x 20/ 18 x 11 x 24/ 20.5 x 12 x 28/ 20 x 13 x 32.

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